“Dastaan – E- Break Up” by RealSHIT on YouTube will crack you up

RealSHIT posted a new video on their youtube channel on June 24, 2019. The video “Dastaan – E – Break Up is hilarious and is going to make you laugh really hard. The video is #2 on the trending list with 439K views in 16 hours.

Dastaan – E – Break Up showcases types of people after break up. Not only the people react to their breakups differently but the video in a way also showcases different situations of breakups.

The first is the ‘confused girlfriend’. She is the one who comes up with the idea of breakup and then for some favor gets back with the guy. Once the favor is done, she still hinges on the idea of a breakup.

Then comes the ‘Dhongi Boyfriend’. He is shown pretentious and will try every tool at his disposal to fool his partner. He tries to boast off his skills in front of his friends but fails at the end.

Next, on the list are the ‘breakup forever’ people. They will tell their friends that they are done with their partners and got nothing to do with them anymore, but a little while later we see them getting back together.

The ‘Beggar Boyfriend’ impersonation is so funny. The guy begs in front of his girlfriend to not leave him and tries every method to bring her back. While the beginning of it is super funny and the background music adds layers to it, the ending of this part is even better. Especially when the guy tells his partner that if we love something/someone, we will try every possible thing to bring them back, and once we are done, we will get someone else and won’t beg for it ever again.

‘Best friend wala Break-up’ is the epic part of the video. While in some cases it is true, for some others it won’t be. The best friends are supposed to help you and give you better pieces of advice but yet there are some people out there who will try their best to curb your relationship. It could be because of anything, jealousy, insecurity or any other emotion. The guy, however, plays smart and tries to make his partner understand that one must do what their heart says and not just what their best friends tell them.

What is amazing is the fact that neither of the genders is stereotyped. No one particular gender is accused of breakups.

Watch the video below to head over to RealSHIT’s YouTube channel.


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