Decoding the song ‘Awari,’ from Ek Villain: The story of Solitude

A still from the song Awari

Some songs are so soulful that the melody takes you to a different trip and world altogether, the lyrics are deep enough that you relate to the story of the song and many times you interpret a different story which is of your own. The song ‘Awari’ from the 2014 film Ek Villain does the same. The song featuring Prachi Desai is put at the pre-climax of the movie as Rakesh (Riteish Deshmukh) is on a runaway while Guru (Sidharth Malhotra) desires to take revenge. In the film, the story portrayed through this song highlights the situation of a common man who despite having a family is suffering from the solitude of life.

A still from the song Awari

Here, we have decoded a parallel story to this soulful song. Have a look:

Time passed by, the companions exist no more, swimming in the stream of solitude, a person is in search of love and peace. The quest of love brought him to a brothel, yet he fails to find the emotion which he has been longing for, the one that kept him alive, the one which he lost along with his companion. Yet another day filled with loneliness, but this time he converses with a prostitute without any words, sees his life mirrored in her eyes, she’s also hiding the same pain.

“What you’re looking for, you won’t find it here,” she explains her sufferings justifying the dual faces she carries every day. Even though she’s searching for her own peace, there’s nothing joyous in this world for her, she is trapped within herself and it’s nearly impossible for her to set out free with her tag ‘Bazaari’. She explains to the man that he at least has a chance to change everything and revive the peace of his life.

This place is glittery outside but is filled with the horror of loss, sufferings, and loneliness all around. This is just a mirage for people looking out for their joy here, don’t fall into this Illusion. Their conversation ends here but not the quest for peace of life.

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