Disney India has finally confirmed their decision to dub the sequel of the 2004 superhit computer-animated superhero film The Incredibles, once it is released by Walt Disney Pictures on the 15th of June, with its original English voice cast. As of the 29th of May, the company has confirmed Kajol’s role as the voice actor of Elastigirl, aka Helen Parr, who reprises her role as the mother of the Parr family.

In an official statement, Kajol announced that she was extremely thrilled to be a part of the Incredibles franchise, narrating the story of how much she had enjoyed watching the first movie which was released back in 2004. Kajol confessed that she could relate to the story extremely well, and loved the heart-warming tale of a family, which was as normal as her family, but unique in their own way at the same time. Kajol ended her story by explaining how excited she was to finally become part of the superfamily, and was ready to contribute to the sequel of the film in her own unique way.

Back in 2004, The Incredibles had hit the Indian film theaters as Hum Hain Lajawab, where Shah Rukh Khan and Rakshanda Khan had provided the Hindi dubbed voices for Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, respectively. In response to choosing Kajol for the sequel this year, Bikram Duggal, a personnel from the Head Studio Entertainment of Disney India, stated that the decision was made keeping in mind the expectations of the film’s possible chances of appealing to newer audiences, and other families-at-large in India, with the help of everyone’s beloved actress, Kajol.


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