Ekta Kapoor defends herself against using Racial Slurs to Bash Pewdiepie on Twitter

A major fight trending in Twitter these days consists of Ekta Kapoor fighting a one-sided war with YouTuber Pewdiepie; a battle in which Ekta is yet to show any signs of submission.

The entire issue started with Swedish vlogger Pewdiepie uploading a post on his twitter account, which took a satirical take on Ekta Kapoor’s TV show – Kasam Se. His post on the 9th of May commented on the fact that the title song of Kasam Se had been uploaded to YouTube in a terrible quality, despite the caption for the video containing the words “good quality”. This post apparently offended Ekta Kapoor a lot, considering she insulted Pewdiepie badly in her following tweets.

On 11th May, Ekta posted a tweet where she mocked Pewdiepie’s Swedish ethnicity, and compared him to the younger artists who Ekta used to hire in her TV shows. In doing so, she used a racial slur which did not go unnoticed by Twitter. Her tweet was quoted and Ekta was bashed for being unable to understand sarcasm and dealing with the issue in a very racist way.

After an array of hate tweets, Ekta decided to come online and stated to her followers that she was not going to apologise to Pewdiepie. She also defended the usage of her racial slur by citing some videos by Pewdiepie which contained even more controversial matters. For instance, Ekta reminded her haters of Piewdiepie’s video titled You India You Lose, where the YouTuber mocked other Indian films like Akshay Kapoor’s International Khiladi, and Rajinikanth’s Robot. Despite the fact that his satirical comments on such movies never aroused any distress among the Indian audience, Ekta Kapoor demanded better for her programmes.


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