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Five Movies to Watch if You’re Single this Valentine!

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Not everyone is lucky in love. And the worst part? Valentine’s week ahead! Now, we all know the valentine’s week is all about lovey dovey things for the couples but what about the singles? Aren’t it enough we’re already single and our Facebook walls are just exploding with oh-so in love couple post on this glorious day! No need to worry, we’re here to rescue! Here are five movies that will keep you hooked and make you feel lucky to be single!

1. Queen

If Rani can roam in Paris and Amsterdam without a guy so can you! This movie is all about loving you and finding yourself to be sufficient and strong enough to be alone and complete.

2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

If you’re going through a break up this movie is perfect. We have all find ourselves at least once, hung up on someone and are hard to forget. But then again the right person is just around the corner.

3. My Best Friend’s Wedding

It’s just hard to be a part of one side love story that just never saw the sunlight for he or she is already in love with someone else. But at times, it is better to let go and be happy rather than holding on and get hurt.

4. (500) Days of Summer

What is worse than being single? Be in a destructive and exploiting relationship. This movie revolves around that and is sometimes better to be single.

5. Devil Wears Prada

Some relationships can be toxic and draws up all the energy that starts affecting the whole life. Even when you know it’s bad but sometimes hard to let go. But eventually they come to an end setting you free.

So, gather around pizzas and ice creams and hook yourself to the movie marathon!

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