Youtuber Gaurav Taneja posts a new video announcing his last day at Indigo Airlines

Gaurav Taneja- Flying Beast

Indian fitness youtuber and pilot in Indigo Airlines Gaurav Taneja, who runs Youtube Channels like FitMuscle TV and Flying Beast, posted a video on Saturday morning announcing his last day as the captain of the airlines. Gaurav posted the video on youtube with the title “My Last Flight as a Captain”.

The video starts with Gaurav on the elevator telling his fans about the last day of his journey in Indigo. The 10-minute video concludes with Taneja at his home with his wife and daughter, telling about his last day and last flight.

Taneja introduced to all his flight attendants, his co-pilot Shikha and all of his ground staff in the video. Gaurav’s video displays some breathtaking views of the cloud and sky from his cockpit.

The youtuber even took to his social media handles to share the sad news for his fans. With a selfie with his crew and his plane, he wrote, “My last flight. Thank you, everyone, at @indigo.6e. #aviation #pilot #crew #airbus320#flyingbeast.”

Though captain himself didn’t reveal his future plans, according to his fans and followers he will be joining Qatar Airways very soon.

While many were congratulating the youtuber for his future ahead, there were some who wanted to know where he is heading to and some thought it was some kind of prank.




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