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Revealing The Health & Fitness Regime Of The Famous Male Model Karan Oberoi


Karan Oberoi, also famous by his nick name “KO” is not just a fitness model! He is also a fashion model and an actor.  Indeed, this handsome young man is a powerhouse of talent. He has worked with some of the leading fashion designers as well as leading fitness brands.

He is most well-known for starring in ads like Royal Enfield bike, Reebok and Isuzu. Karan is also winner of ‘Mr best body’ title and ‘Top fitness model’. Besides having a large fan base on social media he’s one of the few models who has got everything that gives him top model status style,looks and body. In this article we shall be discussing health and fitness regime of  model Karan“KO” Oberoi.


Diet tips by Karan Oberoi aka KO

  • According to Karan, nutrition plays an essential role in the development of body. Exercise only contributes 30 percent of your fitness while the rest is just diet. So this becomes primary that you need to watch what you eat and rest follows automatically.
  • KO also believes, breakfast is a important meal of the day and should never be skipped, one should eat egg whites in breakfast as they contain essential amino acids that no other food has. According to KO,  you don’t really need to cut much carbs for aesthetic body.
  • One should drink a lot of water to decrease water retention in the body, eat balance diet but majorly 70 percent of protein rich foods like lean meat that is chicken and fish.
  • One should also include a lot of fruits and green vegetables in their diet as they contribute in skin nourishment.
  • Karan uses supplements and take them along with strict diet plan as Indian food doesn’t give enough protein to the muscles. He always rely upon good imported whey protein powders  (imported USA brands),  pre-workout drinks which can help you to have a good workout, BCAA drink, glutamine.
  • Karan also advises young boys who have just started going to gym to stay away from smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs as they are bad addictions which not only destroys body but also hampers mind set and stamina.

Work out rules by Karan “KO” Oberoi

  • Karan Oberoi (KO) workout is usually 2 body parts a day that is usually 3 days a week and 3 days running intense, preferably 5 am in the morning and he also states that he keeps changing his workout from time to time to get best results.
  • Karan understands very well we all go to gym to be fit so its important that we play some sort of sports too irrespective of our age. While playing sport you enjoy and bound to burn lot of calories at the same time.
  • While you  workout in the gym, one  should do 12 to 15 reps and each body part should have 5 variations of the exercise and it is always advisable to take less time between sets.
  • Karan makes sure he doesn’t spend much time in the gym but keep it intense that ultimately gives lean and muscular physique.
  • He advises not to ignore running activity as that is the core part and has many advantages if you want to have lean and muscular body, he also advises to do lot of stretching to keep muscles flexible.

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