Here’s how Vishal Bhardwaj sets up the story via Music ft. Omkara

Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara is my favourite out of all his Shakespeare Adaptations. Specially due to the characters and the music resembling the theme of the story. Each song portrays a part of the story, to begin with Naina, where we are introduced to the Madness of Dolly (Kareena Kapoor) for Omkara, the song and her dialogues act as a mirror to the story arc between Omkara (Ajay Devgn) and Dolly. As this story arc ends with the song, there’s a small conversation between her dad and Omkara where he says, “Jo Ladki Apne Baap Ko Dhoka De Sakti Hai…” and we cut to Dolly glancing at Omkara, that’s the initial build up.

A still from Omkara

As the story paces further, we get to know Langda Tyagi and Lajjo’s cruel intentions in order to destruct Omkara’s life. In between this and the Climax, the song O Saathi Re sets up the tune. Both being on the same side now, Dolly and Omkara are unaware of the unheard storm heading towards them. The song being under the category of Romantic Track, it is composed in a subtle way paralleling the Theme. “O Saathi Re Din Dube Na,” as it begins with Shreya Ghoshal’s voice i.e from the view of Dolly, she wants the time to pause, she’s possibly living the best time of her life and the same goes with Omkara’s view, sung by Vishal Bhardwaj himself.

A still from Omkara

In between the song , Omkara taunts Dolly as he says, “Kahi Tere Iss Rup Me Koi Tantar Mantar to Nhi Chhupa Hai”. And while all these going, as a viewer we are aware of the cruel intentions of Tyagi and Lajjo. That’s how Vishal Bhardwaj gives out a few glimpses and builds up for an unexpected Climax to surprise as well as make viewers reminisce the past incidents which all goes through Music and Dialogues of the Film.

The story arc between Omkara and Dolly (Kareena Kapoor) initiates with complexity, in between a great love affair and concludes with the same complexity. The initial scene of their love arc, tunes from the song “Naina” and then prior the Climax, the complexity shown via “O Saathi Re” are among the best depictions via music in the Hindi Cinema.

Let us know your views on the Music of Omkara. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more such articles.


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