Here’s why Radhika slapped a south actor, and how proud we are of her!

Radhika was recently spotted on Neha’s chat show in the most row and uncensored version of herself. She was honest and upbeat and gave answers that could easily grip one’s mind.

She also made revelations that will only make you love her more.

“It was my first day on the set and a famous South actor started to tickle my feet. I was stunned as we’d never met before and I instinctively slapped him,” the actress was spotted saying on the show, as reported by Mumbai Mirror.

There was Rajkumar Rao on the show to accompany the actor in a session of fiery question that Neha shot out at them.

Neha Dhupia is hosting the current season of BFF’s with vogue that airs of Colors Infinity.

Here’s is a snippet from the actual episode:

We’re definitely awaiting this one for many reasons!