Jacqueline Fernandez to help Kerala flood victims in rebuilding homes

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Jacqueline Fernandez will travel to the flood-affected areas in Kerala. As she lends her hands in rebuilding the homes of the flood-affected people with the NGO Habitat for Humanity India.

Kerala was devastated after the massive floods which took place in last August. The NGO is launching its second scheme featuring actress Jacqueline to rebuild houses in flood-affected areas. This process will start tomorrow helping to rebuild homes which are partially or completely damaged by floods.

Jacqueline posted a video on her Instagram handle where she talks about how important it is to help people in rebuilding the place, their flood-affected homes. She posted it with the caption,  “My last build with @habitat_india for Chennai would not have been possible without all your love and support!! I want to thank all those who have contributed donations towards helping those displaced in the Kerala floods last year! Looking forward to volunteering in the build tomorrow! Hoping to see some helping hands there too! Donations still being collected, link in my bio ❤️❤️ @[email protected]

Under this Scheme, the NGO will provide homes or repair 6,000 homes affected by the flood. In the first phase of the relief work, Jacqueline appealed to her fans and her industry colleagues to provide first Responders’ Kit, a humanitarian aid kit and bottled drinking water to 93,889 families.

other celebrities like Hrithik Roshan has joined hands with the actress in supporting and rebuilding the state. Till now they have managed to raise funds up to ₹50 lakh by encouraging individual donors.


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