Javed Akhtar, Shabana Azmi cancel Invitation from Karachi Art Council, Post Pulwama Attack


Veteran lyricist-screenwriter Javed Akhtar and his wife, Shabana Azmi have cancelled their two-day visit to Pakistan organised by Karachi Art Council post-Pulwama terror attack. The duo has decided to skip the two-day event in order to protest against the cruel terror attack by Pakistan-based terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed. (JeM)

On Friday, Javed Akhtar wrote on Twitter,  “Karachi art council had invited. Shabana and I for a two day lit conference about Kaifi Azmi and his poetry. We have cancelled that. In 1965 during the Indo Pak war, Kaifi saheb had written a poem. Aur Phir Krishan Ne Arjun Se Kaha.”

Shaban Azmi also tweeted to express her grief.

“I am filled with pain and grief and all else ..by the dastardly #Pulwama attack. For the 1st time in all these years, I feel weakened in my belief that people to people contact can force the Establishment to do the right thing. We will need to call halt to cultural exchange,” she wrote.

She added, “There is no way we can carry on with cultural exchanges between India and Pakistan even as our martyrs are laying down their lives for us. I stand in solidarity with the grieving families. Javed Akhtar and I have cancelled Karachi Arts Councils celebration of my father Kaifi Azmi’s centenary and Rekhta’s 3-day celebration in Dubai which included a show of our play Kaifi aur Main by IPTA. All Indians stand united as one.”

“But let’s not lose sight of the fact that there is a difference between d Pakistani Establishment and the people of Pakistan n vice versa. On both sides of d border stand sisters n brothers divided by circumstances with which they had nothing 2 do.”

The CRPF has vowed to avenge the death the paramilitary forces who were killed in the Thursday’s suicide bombing attack.

“WE WILL NOT FORGET, WE WILL NOT FORGIVE: We salute our martyrs of Pulwama attack and stand with the families of our martyr brothers. This heinous attack will be avenged,” it said.


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