JioTV Gets Four New Exclusive Jio HD Movie Channels

JioTV has added four new Jio HD movie channels. Reliance Jio just recently rolled out an update, offering Picture-in-Picture mode for the app. With the competition in the telecom industry getting more intense by the second, content offerings have now become their way to pull in more audience.

Out of the four channels, the telecom company has added two regional languages channel that include the Jio Bollywood Premium HD and Jio Bollywood Classic HD. There are also Tamil Hits HD and Jio Telugu Hits HD channels. Besides, Reliance Jio recently added support for Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, which is available only on Android 8.0 OS and above.

Now according to the Jio TV app, users will now be able to watch four new exclusive HD channels – Jio Bollywood Premium HD, Jio Bollywood Classic HD, Jio Tamil Hits HD, and Jio Telugu Hits HD. All four channels stream movies, however, the two different Bollywood channels are categories by relatively newer films on Premium HD and older movies streaming on Classic HD. The Tamil Hits HD and Telugu Hits HDshow movies in the respective languages.

To make the app even better and to raise the bar by a notch, Reliance Jio had also introduced a new picture-in-picture mode for the users of JioTV only a few days back. The new picture-in-picture mode on the JioTV application makes the shows and channels more accessible and easy to watch. The added advantage of the PiP mode on the JioTV is that users will be able to browse the internet, keep texting their friends or do any other work on their device while their favorite show is playing. Thanks to the PiP mode, the video will shrink and play in a thumbnail which the users will be able to move around on their screens.

JioTV Brings Cricket, Movies New and More Channels to Subscribers:

In its bid to increase the content offering for the users of JioTV, the telecom operator had also partnered up with Star India to offer live cricket action. This five year deal with Star India equips the JioTV app with all the T20, ODI (One Day Internationals), International Test Cricket and Premier Domestic Competitions of the BCCI. Not only cricket, but JioTV application also offers around 640 channels to the Reliance Jio subscribers in languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam and more and subscribers also get to enjoy 138HD channels. Just like the newly launched channels by Jio, the operator also has other exclusive channels in its roster like Jio Events and Jio Sports. Currently, the app boasts of an impressive 100 million downloads.


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