John Cena and Nikki Bella are Finally Over After 6 Long Years

John Cena and Nikki Bella on 'The Cosmopolitan'

Professional Wrestler John Cena has always been comfortable with the Press, and this was further highlighted in 2018 when he announced himself as a proud member of ‘ARMY’, another name for the fans of the South-Korean boy band ‘BTS’.

John Cena’s Signature Pose

Hence, it was not a shock to the paparazzi when he announced quite nonchalantly that his engagement with Ex-fiancée Nikki Bella was over. At Cinema Con 2018 in Las Vegas, John Cena publicly confirmed that his 6-year relationship with Nikki Bella had come to an end, and that “it sucks”.

The news spread to all social media sites like wildfire as the world took it onto their own hands to decide whether their decision was a reasonable one or not. While Nikki Bella’s decision has been defended by people as to her not wanting to have a ‘pity husband’, John Cena has been romanticized following his announcement that he still loves Nikki Bella “with all [his] heart”.

As the public still debates as to whether the break-up is justified or not, one regret remains in their freshly wounded hearts – Mrs. Nikki Bella Cena will not walk down the wedding aisle to a BTS song as hinted by Mr. Cena earlier, after all.


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