Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episode 140, written update, December 26: Rani’s truth revealed

The upcoming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum begins with Rani standing outside and drinking alcohol. There’s a brief flashback that takes us back to the party. Sonakshi and Rohit dance together. A waiter comes to Rani with alcohol in the soft drink, but Suman stops her from consuming it. Rani gets a phone call and goes outside. Sonakshi notices Rani sneaking out, and follows her. Rani meets a man outside, who’d previously met with Sonakshi and told her about Rani’s family history. It turns out to be false. The man presents a package to Rani; she opens it and pulls out a bottle of alcohol. Rani drinks it.

Rani reveals her true intentions for coming to the Sippy house: for the family’s money. Sonakshi approaches her, but doesn’t hear the conversation between Rani and the man, because he leaves just before she can reach them. Sonakshi demands to know the reason for Rani’s presence outside the house. Rani is unable to answer her. They’re interrupted by Suman’s screaming voice from inside.

Suman is fighting with a man who made disparaging remarks against Sonakshi’s profession as an actress. Naren tries to control the situation, but the man begins to humiliate Sonakshi as well. Rohit nods to Sonakshi, and she proceeds to tell the man her profession isn’t wrong, its his thinking which is at fault. Sonakshi calls out the man’s profession, as a builder, and tells everyone how they leach money off from poor men. The man defends himself. Sonakshi tells just like not every builder is corrupt, not every actress has affairs with the men she works with. The man storms off angrily. Naren tries to go after him, but Rohit stops him.

Rani is very excited to see all the drama. She goes into her room, and lies down on the bed; enjoying the luxury. Nishi enters the room, and throws water on her face. It’s revealed that Rani is not Pooja’s real mother. She was brought here by Nishi to pose as Pooja’s mother.

Tomorrow: Rohit tells YK and Nishi it was a bad idea to bring a fake mother for Pooja. Nishi tells him Pooja must never know the truth about her real parents.


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