Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episode written update, November 20: Sonakshi and Rohit finally married

The episode begins with Sonakshi trying to explain the reason she left the wedding. However, Veena is angry because of Sonakshi’s irresponsible behavior and for not considering the status of their families when she took the decision to leave her own wedding ceremony. Work is important, she says, but its not as important as one’s own marriage. Sonakshi accepts her mistake and apologizes to Veena and everyone else around her. Veena hugs Sonakshi. Rohit and Sonakshi go to her room, where Sonakshi begins to cry and making excuse about her work ethic for going away from the wedding. Rohit comforts her, says it’s okay to make mistakes and learning from them.

Rohit also assures Sonakshi that she’ll not feel uncomfortable with his family. Veena is the most important person for him, and Sonakshi says she’ll do her best to adjust with everyone in the Sippy household. Rohit tells Sonakshi to forget everything about the trauma of the day and move on with him.

Rohit and Sonakshi finally marry each other properly in the wedding ceremony. Sonakshi gets emotional during the Bidaai ceremony and hugs her mother and siblings as they bid her goodbye. Suman is glad that Sonakshi has gotten a wonderful mother in law who will always give her good and honest advice. As she’s leaving, Suman gifts her daughter her favorite salad and they both dissolve in tears. After the Bidaai ceremony, Sonakshi reaches the Sippy mansion but as she’s about to enter the house, Rohan arrives and everyone leaves her alone to go and tend to him.

Tomorrow: Rohit and Sonkashi’s nuptial night.


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