The actors met years back while filming for the film Hulchul, in 1995. There was absolutely no mush or brewing romance for these two back then. Infact it was a cold, and very apprehensive feeling that Kajol had earthed in heart during the filiming of this shoot.

Today, as they rejoice 19 years of their togetherness, we take you back to the beginning and help you be a part of their marvellous celebrations.

As quoted saying on a chat show, Kajol had admitted that back then during her Hulchul days she was absolutely not interested in Ajay and felt, “Who’s this guy? What kind of a personality does he have? He sits in one corner and smokes like a chimney and even doesn’t speak to anybody.”

It was only later that they grew to become extremely close and passionate friends. There was a point of time, when both of them were in separate relationships and turned to each other for ‘love’ advice. Little did they know that soon, love would knock lightly at their doors.

Kajol and Ajay started dating only when their film Gundraj was in the post-production stage. After a courtship of four years, the two decided to take the big step towards marriage, however the small way.

Ajay being the introvert he is, wanted an intimate ceremony that didn’t garner too much media attention. And thus in a hush-hush affair, the two were binded in love – forever.

There was also no apparent phase or need for a formal proposal in their courtship according to a statement by Ajay. He was quoted saying, “We never resorted to the usual ‘I Love you’ routine. A proposal never happened. We grew with each other. Marriage was never discussed, but it was always imminent.”

Isn’t that really sweet and romantice? My heart is soaked in love, right now.

Wishing the two, eternal years of love and happiness!