“Kaksha Dasvi” by Nazarbattu on YouTube will make you nostalgic

“Kaksha Dasvi” by Nazarbattu was released on June 10, 2019, and has 431k views in just 16 hours. The video is also #6 on trending.

The video is about Leelu who learns from his domestic help Bhaktawar that if he doesn’t submit his class 10th certificate, his property will be confiscated. Leelu gets tensed and thinks of ways how he will live the rest of his life, once his ‘zamindari’ is gone. Bhaktawar provides some solution but none of them match the ‘luxury and comfortable life’ that Leelu is habitual of living. Bhaktawar, along with Pandit, goes to his old school to get admission. The principal, however, is hesitant in the beginning but later agrees.

The rest of the video is shot in the school where these three new kids create havoc. They eventually become the “disturbing elements of the class”, a title that a lot of us are familiar with. The teachers are constantly seen scolding them and giving them punishment.

An old love also resurfaces, with the earlier girlfriend and now teacher, Nidhi. The video is hilarious and the incidents at school are what keep the viewers engaged. It can remind them of their old school days.

Watch the video below, if you haven’t and we are sure you won’t regret it.


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