Kaksha Dasvi Part 2 : NazarBattu’s new youtube video will bring back truck load of memories

“Kaksha Dasvi Part 2” by NazarBattu was posted on youtube on June 17, 2019. The video has 1M views in 18 hours and is #4 on trending.

The first part of the video was released a week ago and gained so much love. As mentioned before in our previous post, the video didn’t give out the conclusion and was more of a cliff hanger. Watch the first part of Kaksha Dasvi and read what we think of it below.

“Kaksha Dasvi” by Nazarbattu on YouTube will make you nostalgic

Part 2 opens with the school scene with Leelu all tensed for the exam and doesn’t know how to figure his way out. He starts crying because the thought of losing his ‘Zamindari’ is lingering on his mind constantly. The day for the exam comes and the scene is really funny. The smile from your face won’t disappear throughout. The events take a turn and Leelu fails. While he is sad Bhaktawar tells him the truth and they are happy that they leave the school together.

The ending of the video is sure going to bring back a truckload of memories and will leave you teary-eyed. Watch the video below and don’t forget to share with your jigris, the family you chose in school.


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