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Kangana Ranaut replies to Rakesh Roshan’s comment!

kangana ranaut

The Kangana-Hrithik controversy is being pulled to light again and this time Kangana has a reply. A few days ago Papa Roshan gave a comment telling stating, “Even when someone was spreading lies about him, he chose to stay calm and dignified. If he does choose to come out with the truth, it will shock everyone.”

This comment definitely reached its target. At a book launch on Saturday evening, reacted to this statement by saying, “He’s a 43-year-old son. Why does his father come to his rescue always? For how long will he hide behind an influential father’s name? He’s an adult and he can pretty much handle his own controversies in show business. It’s just a simple controversy. Why daddies have to save their sons? I don’t understand this.”

Well, that was a bold response by Kangana.



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