Rangoli Chandel, sister of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is usually known for passing judgements and being very vocal about various issues going on in the industry. She was earlier in news when she called Taapsee Pannu, a cheap copy of Kangana Ranaut.

Rangoli has yet again made it to the news when she decided to post an image which Malaika Arora had earlier posted on her Instagram. Malaika can be seen in the photo with her son Arhaan. Rangoli posted the photo in her Twitter handle with the caption, “This is modern Indian mother, very good”. 


People on Twitter wasted no time on calling her ‘sick’ and ‘dirty mind’ and people went on to say that she has hit a new low. Some people went on to say that her comments like these effect Kangana’s image in the industry.

One of the user reacted saying, “Rangoli di there’s nothing wrong in this pic. That’s a sweet caption along with lovely pic of mother-son. It will affect #KanganaRanaut ‘s image only. Don’t you know how people are here. Now they’ll target Kangana. She don’t deserve it.”

Another user wrote, “Where Kangana supports Malaika & Arjun’s relation there you are sharing your orthodox thoughts on SM ,
Rangoli everything you do effects Kangana’s image .
Please think about it.”
Another comment read, “You and your cheap mentality… You are literally damaging Kangana’s career…. I feel this picture is very cute”

Rangoli however later tried to give clarifications from her side saying that she has only called Malaika a modern woman. She wrote, “People are writing very mean things about Malaika, I called her a modern day mom but all the nasty things people saying about her I wonder if this picture suggesting ????… people please refrain from over imagination it’s not good.”


Editor. Talking about future fascinates me.

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