Karan Johar exclusive interview : Talks about fashion, children and more

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The newly turned parent and popular Bollywood filmmaker has staunch views on fashion, values and more.

The filmmaker became parents to twins, Roohi and Yash Johar on 7th February 2017, and set a new example of ‘single parenting’.

In an interview, the filmmaker spoke about how important he feels it is, for his children to have good values. He wishes to focus on their values, more than making them fashionistas like him.

“I don’t think so. Although that’s the expectation when it comes to me. Right now, I am focusing on them being good and being well brought up children. I am giving them the right value system rather than the right clothes. Fashion is really not on the priority list for me,” he said.

When he was asked about his views on the media continuously chasing and nagging celebrity kids he added, “Well it’s the order of the day and it is not a hazard really. It is what it is. We are in the business called show business so everything in our lives is now inclusive. Nothing can remain private and that’s what it is. And if it is collateral damage and it comes with a territory then we have to accept it with open arms.”

The filmmaker, recently walked the ramp as a show stopper alongside Sonakshi Sinha, for Falguni Peacock’s debut male line of clothing.

Talking about the relationship between Bollywood and fashion Karan said,”Bollywood has always been the impressionable medium that has really dictated fashion trend. When you go back to the 60s and beyond, everything that happened on celluloid always had a deep impact on the way people presented themselves, They emulate and imbibe the fashion on screen, so I think that’s the kind of relation fashion has with films. Of course nowadays everyone is so exposed to the internet, social media, which teaches so much about trends. But I still feel that films have their own niche place in modelling the fashion and DNA of our times.”

On questioning him about his own fashion line, he refused and said, “Not for a while. I would rather just wear other people’s clothes and enjoy it as there is too much happening on the work front for me.”

Karan was delving deep into a valley of praises for the new men’s line of Falguni & Shane Peacock and spoke about it enthusiastically.

“I had a lot of fun walking on the runway. Also, since I am Half Sindhi, bling goes with my territory. I think men should never shy away from shinning. Men should stop thinking that plain clothing is the way forward for them.”he said.

“Fortunately with the presence of Ranveer Singh in the industry, people will accept every trend because he has raised the fashion bar so high. I applaud him and I adore him for completely taking men’s fashion to an all different level. He is the brand ambassador of edgy fashion,” added the filmmaker.