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Karisma Kapoor began her acting career in Bollywood at a young age. The actress made her debut with Prem Qaidi in 1991 when she was just 17 years old. As she comes from the renowned Kapoor family, which has a long legacy in the Indian film industry, Karisma faced high expectations and scrutiny. However, she persevered and gradually established herself as a leading actress in the late 90s.

Karisma’s breakthrough came with the 1996 blockbuster Raja Hindustani, and her career continued to flourish with a mix of roles in both commercial hits and critically acclaimed films.

Let us celebrate the timeless icon of Indian cinema whose talent and grace have captivated audiences for decades. Check out the full article to witness the memorable performances delivered by the Bollywood diva Karisma Kapoor.

Karisma Kapoor’s 5 Stellar Performances

Here are the unforgettable performances delivered by Karisma Kapoor that define Bollywood brilliance.

1. Nisha

Movie: Dil To Pagal Hai

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Karisma Kapoor plays a free-spirited and talented dancer who is a key member of a dance troupe. Nisha’s character is marked by her vivacity, dedication to dance, and emotional vulnerability. The actress beautifully captures the protagonist’s journey through unrequited love with grace and depth, balancing her character’s spirited energy on stage with the poignant vulnerability of her unfulfilled emotions.

Moreover, Karisma’s role in the film earned her both the National Film Award and the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress, cementing her place as a versatile and powerful actress in Bollywood.

2. Aarti

Movie: Raja Hindustani

Raja Hindustani
Image Source: Filmfare

Karisma delivers a compelling performance as a wealthy and headstrong young woman. As Aarti defies her affluent family’s expectations by falling in love with a taxi driver, the actress showcases her range transforming from a carefree, privileged girl to a determined woman willing to sacrifice everything for love. Moreover, her chemistry with Aamir Khan was loved by the audience.

Karisma’s stellar performance was widely acclaimed, earning her the Filmfare Award for Best Actress.

3. Zubeida

Movie: Zubeidaa

Image Source: iDiva

Karisma delivered one of the most nuanced and powerful performances of her career in Shyam Benegal’s biographical drama Zubeidaa. The actress portrays the titular role of Zubeida Begum, an actress who becomes a princess through her marriage.

Karisma’s performance was deeply emotive, capturing the protagonist’s vulnerability, resilience, and rebellious spirit. The character earned her critical acclaim and the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress, solidifying her reputation as a versatile and talented actress capable of bringing depth and authenticity to challenging roles.

4. Fiza

Movie: Fiza

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Karisma portrays a young woman on a relentless quest to find her missing brother, played by Hrithik Roshan.

Fiza’s journey is fraught with emotional turmoil as she navigates bureaucratic obstacles, societal pressures, and her own inner conflicts. Karisma’s portrayal is intense and heartfelt, capturing the character’s unwavering dedication and vulnerability.

The character in the film remains one of her most significant contributions to Indian cinema, highlighting her talent in tackling serious and impactful narratives.

5. Pooja

Movie: Biwi No.1

Biwi No 1
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As Pooja discovers Prem’s affair with the glamorous model, her world turns upside down. Despite the emotional turmoil, she decides to fight for her marriage with dignity and cleverness, using humour and resilience to win back her husband’s love.

Karisma’s portrayal is marked by her ability to blend comedic elements with emotional depth, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Moreover, her comic timing, expressive acting, and on-screen chemistry with Salman Khan were widely praised, contributing significantly to the film’s success.

With her memorable performances and charismatic presence on the silver screen, Karisma has left an indelible mark on Bollywood. The artist’s ability to effortlessly portray a range of characters, from strong-willed heroines to charming ingenues, has earned her admiration and accolades throughout her career.

Beyond her cinematic achievements, Karisma embodies elegance and poise, both on and off-screen, inspiring countless fans with her enduring charm and philanthropic endeavours.

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