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Kasautii Zindagii Kay episode written update, November 14: Anurag makes Prerna his personal secretary

The episode begins with Anurag presenting the CCTV footage tapes to the police officer, and explaining that they’d received the edited copies of the original version of the video. The police officer is satisfied after watching a man slip the papers in Prerna’s bag and releases Prerna from the custody. Outside, Anurag promotes Prerna to his personal secretary. Prerna protests by stating she has already resigned from the job, but Anurag points out that she can work with him until he finds a suitable replacement for her. Prerna reluctantly accepts the job offer.

Sonalika/Komolika comes down to play Sindur Khela with the women of the Basu family. Komolika congratulates Tapur for her engagement. Nevidita hears her, and is surprised that Komolika knows this information even though the family hasn’t divulged the details to anyone. Komolika replies that Mohini told her about it. Nevidita is again baffled as to how Komolika knew she was thinking about this fact.

Komolika decides to celebrate Prerna’s imprisonment and spreads the Sindur on her arms. She dances while remembering the scenes of Prerna’s humiliations. Anurag and Prerna reach Basu mansion. Anurag forces Prerna to come inside because now she’s his personal secretary and will have to stay close to him.

Komolika notices Prerna walk inside with Anurag and is angered by her sudden arrival and shocked by her quick release from jail. Mohini and Nevidtia are also baffled by Prerna’s presence. Anurag announces that Prerna is his personal secretary which means they’ll be working together in the house. He takes her upstairs for work. Komolika overreacts but then regains her composure. Moloy is surprised to see Prerna and apologieses for all the trouble his family has caused her. Anurag doesn’t understand the meaning of this conversation. Moloy suggests Anurag should drop Prerna her home because its getting late.

Tomorrow: Komolika plans to destroy Prerna and her unborn child.

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