Kasautii Zindagii Kay episode written update, November 25: Prerna and Shivani spy on Ronit

The episode begins with Komolika having another psychotic episode as she rants about the growing closeness between Prerna and Anurag. Komolika warns Prerna to not annoy her so much that she had to torture and then kill her. At her home, Prerna is still very worried about the issue of Sonalika’s identity. Prerna tells Shivani that she saw Ronit and Sonalika together at the party and thinks of finding some clues that’ll confirm their doubts. Shivani knows Ronit’s home address and decide to go and spy on him tomorrow. They reach Ronit’s residence, and when he’s coming out of the house, Prerna calls on his Landline phone so that he has to go back inside.

They follow Ronit to his living room, and then grab his phone as he leaves. Prerna tries to find out Komolika’s number on his phone, but Ronit suddenly remembers and comes back to get it back. Prerna and Shivani hide, and barely manage to evade being caught.

Anurag comes to his room and asks Sonalika about a confidential file, and she reluctantly tries to help him find it. Ronit meets his future in laws at the house, while Shivani and Prerna watch from upstairs. Ronit gets up to call his sister, but it shows that she’s busy. Just then, Prerna gets Sonalika’s call about the file. This helps cement the sister’s suspicion that Sonalika is Ronit’s sister, and thus, is Komolika in disguise.

Anurag phones Prerna and asks about her health. He’s concerned about her and the child, and will provide help whenever she needs it. Ronit goes to meet Komolika and tells her about a ceremony she will have to perform as his sister. Komolika agrees, with the condition that she’ll only perform the ritual before a priest. Shivani and Prerna decide to infiltrate Ronit’s wedding festivities.


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