“Kids in Monsoon – Types of Kids” By MyMissAnand on YouTube has surprise for your little ones

Anantya Anand aka MyMissAnand has posted another video on her channel. The video “Kids in Monsoon- Types of Kids” was posted on July 12, 2019, and has managed 200k views in less than an hour. Until now we have been viewing videos that deal with adults or how do they behave and similar stuff, but in this video we witness something different and amazing.

In this video, Anantya categorizes kids into certain types and whether or not they like the rains. First in the list is the ‘expert kid’. You ask them to come to play; they will take all the time in the world and dress perfectly, including all the necessary gears. By the time they are ready, rain starts pouring and they have to settle for some indoor games.

Next is proactive. They will always be prepped up and won’t step out of the house without complete preparation. But there are slight chances that they might not need this preparation in case it doesn’t rain.

Then there are those who hate rain. They just can’t stand the thought of rain. They don’t think about anything else other than themselves.

Watch the video below to find out which category do you belong in or check it out on MyMissAnand’s YouTube channel.


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