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Kundali Bhagya episode written update, November 28: Preeta convinces Prithvi to break their wedding

The episode begins as Janki persuades Preeta to not marry Prithvi. Preeta assures her that she’s not going to marry Prithvi, and they both embrace each other. Rishabh and Karan are standing before a paan shop, just outside Kumkum Bhagya house. Rishabh teases Karan by asking him why does he want to drink water from the shop when there’s plenty in the car. Karan desperately asks Rishabh for Preeta’s number because he deleted it. As he’s about to give it to Karan, Rishabh gets an emergency call and runs to receive it. Karan tries to remember the number and dials it.

Preeta comes to meet Prithvi and tells him she can’t marry him. She asks why he didn’t pick up her calls or messages because then they wouldn’t have to face this situation. Preeta reminds Prithvi that she had already told him at the hotel that she can’t even be friends with him. The only reason why she agreed was because of her mother’s health condition and has no other reason to marry him because she’s already Karan’s wife.

Prithvi is enraged by Preeta’s revelation but hides his feelings. He agrees to break the wedding at the mandap. As he’s saying this, Srishti comes to the window and records his statement. Internally, Prithvi still wants to marry Preeta and resolves to do it at the mandap. When Preeta has left, he calls someone unknown.



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