LShokeen Films’ “Types of Aashiq in College”, on YouTube will make you nostalgic

Oh well! How beautiful is the college life? A beautiful journey on which you embark alone, but end it with a bunch of people. You meet various people in your college, but you are sure to find various types of lovers in college.

Lalit Shokeen posted a video on his YouTube channel 20 hours ago and is already #6 on trending. The video, “Types of Aashiq in College” on LShokeen Films is a must watch.

Lalit gives a description of various lovers that you must have encountered in your college.

From “Sharmila” or shy lovers to the “cool dudes”, who are the heartthrobs, every single of them is in this video.

While the shy lover is even hesitant to talk to their crush, the “cool dude” and the “chep aatma”, don’t leave any stone unturned to flatter their crush. The ‘guppi aashiq’ goes on boasting that how he manages to flirt with so many girls and that he tells the partner to give them their space. However, the reality is quite different.

The “friend zoned aashiq” is the one that everyone must have come across in their college. This one is so relatable, as there is always this one guy who is friend zoned but will always help the girl he loves.

While the ‘friend zoned aashiq’ is sweet and caring, the ‘Ek tarfa Pyaar aashiq’ is overprotective and possessive. He goes on telling the other guys to maintain distance with the girl he is crushing on. The video is hilarious and has a touch of Haryanvi accent. The ‘emotional atyachaar aashiq’ was the best of the lot and the acting too of this type of lover was on point.

Watch it below and tell us which aashiq have you come across.


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