‘Maari 2’ movie review: Dhanush as naughtiest Don is entertaining, Sai Pallavi looks adorable

maari 2- review

Dhanush starrer ‘Maari 2’ is the sequel of 2015 released ‘Maari’ and the actor played a notorious, fun filled “Don” in the film. So the second movie was released with a tagline, “The Naughtiest DON of our times is Back”. Dhanush is really back with the same naughtiness but, sadly,  same could be said about the story this time.

‘Maari’ is a local don who is funny and charming. He loved by people and considered not all bad. He has a friend Velu (Krishna) who is the son of a mighty don who is no more alive. The two are good friends and Velu, on Maari’s insistence, give up a drug deal. Maari has a enemy Gangadhar Beeja (Tovino Thomas) who calls himself Thanatos or God of death. Maari, who has defeated death several times, can he do that again?

This time Maari faces a real threat in the form of beeja, who is not only intelligent but also fierce. Other than the protagonist and the antagonist, there is one more character which catches the eye, since its first appearance. It is Araathu Anandhi (Sai Pallavi) who plays an auto driver and fantasizes Maari. Pallavi, pulled the character very cutely. She is not at all, irritating or crazy but adorable. “Rowdy baby” song is the highlight of the movie.

The first half of the film is interesting but second half gradually falls and the climax is nothing what we have expected. The film takes eight year leap and Maari, looses his character. He surprisingly becomes nice and leaves the naughtiness and playfulness behind. Even, Beeja goes through a drastic change and the movie in the end turns out a disappointment.


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