#MeToo is a ‘fad’ and it is turning into a fashion: Mohanlal

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After Preity Zinta it’s Malayalam superstar Mohanlal who spoke bad about the #meToo movement. He even claimed that men will also have #MeToo stories to recount. He termed the whole movement as “fad” and that it is turning into a fashion.

Mohanlal was in UAE when he gave his statement about#MeToo. He was here to launch his charity fundraiser Onnanu Nammal, which is scheduled to take place on December 7. While talking to the reporters, he said, “There is no big problem in the Malayalam industry. You shouldn’t think of the #MeToo as a movement actually. It is a fad and it is turning into something of a fashion. Anything like that will have a lifespan for a bit,” And when Gulf news further questioned him on this matter, the 58-years old distanced himself saying that he doesn’t know much about the issue.

Mohanlal is the president of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA), the primary film body of Kerala. The association handled a female actor related case very poorly when the accused Dileep was brought back to the membership, under Mohanlal’s leadership.

Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) has announced an open revolt against all-powerful AMMA accusing it to be anti-women and anti-survivor.


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