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Model Karan Oberoi (KO) reveals the grooming routine he swears by!

Leading model Karan Oberoi, who is also known by his nick name “KO” is a rarest man you shall ever find in the modelling world known for his killer fashion sense and macho body. Not just he’s one of the few male models in India, he’s pretty much the only one whose name we actually know and is a Milind Soman of present day young generation.  This man is a sensation on social media and a darling of many girls not just in India, in fact all around the globe. Men’s Health cover guy and Royal Enfield bike model is hateably handsome, the truth is that he’s actually kind of difficult to hate. His abs and hit body is every man’s dream. The face of leading brands, talks about little things that makes a man appearance more attractive and better yet applies to everyone.
We caught up with India’s leading model who has worked with some of the best brands and designers in the fashion and fitness modeling world, recently he revealed the tricks and habits one can embrace in their morning routine. We can’t actually guarantee whether after doing this you shall start looking like a model, but his advice should be grooming gospel.

How shall Karan “KO” Oberoi describe his grooming routine?

Honestly I don’t have any routine, but yes I make sure I wash my face with good quality face wash and make sure that I apply sun screen at day time before going out in the sun and apply night nurturing cream before I sleep at night. Besides this it’s also very important that you live in discipline, drink plenty of water and workout daily.

What few things Karan “KO” Oberoi has in his bathroom?

I always use good hair shampoo and a body wash along with hair gel, perfumes and moisturizers.
So majority of men party and drink a lot, how do you handle next day?
I honestly don’t drink and smoke but I get what you are asking. But I have friends who consume alcohol majorly on weekends and often suffer from hangover the next day. The best way to handle the next day is by consuming lot of water as body gets dehydrated and one should also eat lot of fruits, green veggies and eat light food.

Grooming mistakes done by majority of men?

First of all let me tell you, men don’t do a lot of grooming. The first mistake they do is they use blade on the cheek area that is really bad for the skin and spoils skin in the long run and also darkens the skin color. Men never use sunscreen and never understand importance of hiding skin while they are out in sun. Some of the men I know, their shopping is done via online or their mother go and buy clothes for them which turns out to be fashion disaster.

How big part does the diet and nutrition play into your regime?

It is the most important thing which plays a big role in my grooming habits. Eating right and nutrition is very important for skin and hair. What you put inside your body finally decides what reflects outside that is your skin. Keep away from processed food, sugary food, alcohol beverages and smoking which will lead you to a great skin. Also eating a lot of fruits and including green veggies and foods like oats, whole wheat food in the diet is essential which is always there in every leading model schedule.

How your routine changed over the years as you got older?

I wasn’t disciplined while I was growing up, eating right, sleeping on time that is something I developed over the years that helped me to give best results. Positive thinking, eating right, working out everyday and resting right contributes to a right schedule or routine that can help you give best results if you really want to look great like a handsome male model.

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