Mohit Chauhan to recreate Rabbi Shergill’s ‘Bulla Ki Jaana’ for ‘Football’

Mohit Chauhan

One of the most beautiful songs with amazing lyrics of Rabbi Shergill ‘Bulla Ki Jaana’ is being recreated by Bollywood’s talented musician and singer Mohit Chauhan, for Shoib Nikash Shah’s upcoming film ‘Football’.

The film is written and directed by Shoib and it narrates the story of a poor boy Goli (Gulshan) who hails from a village in Jammu. He aspires to become a footballer, but his fate and circumstances lead him to take his father’s business of painting statues. In his later years, he meets Rekha played by Namita Lal, who also aspired to be a footballer when she was young. Her dreams were snatched away from her and she was married off at a young age.

But instead of giving up, she continues to play street football with village kids and encourages Goli to live his dream.

The film has a beautiful dialogue which really touches your heart. One of them is – “You can either be a football or get kicked around by others all your life, or kick the ball yourself… the choice is yours,” says Rekha to Goli in film.

Talking about the film, Shoib says, “The film delves with the emotions of the youth of villages of Jammu & Kashmir. The youth are so talented but there is no guidance or the upliftment from society and government, so talent gets wasted.” The film is produced by Namita Lal, Rahat Kazmi films and Shoib Shah.


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