Mostly Sane Prajakta Koli’s “Godzilla or Aladdin| #SawaalSaturday” out on YouTube

Prajakta Koli aka Mostly Sane

Mostly Sane, aka Prajakta Koli, posted another #SawaalSaturday video on her youtube channel on June 1, 2019. The video, “Godzilla or Aladdin| #SawaalSaturday” has 203k views.

The video is different from her regular videos. Here, Prajakta answers to the questions posted in the comments section. The attempt to answer all the questions in a video is a very sweet gesture on her part. The idea of interacting with the viewers and helping them or even just reading the comments where the viewers shower their love is so great. Because people tend to get attached to their stars. And they feel sad or disheartened if their questions are not answered. Also, it is important on the part of YouTubers to engage with their viewers, so they may not seem to be working in isolation.


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