MostlySane: Prajakta Koli gives some insights in her new youtube video “How To Keep Your Mind Happy.. Everyday! |#RealTalkTuesday”

Prajakta Koli aka MostlySane‘s #RealTalkTuesday video is out and this one has got some amazing insights and tips that you can use. The video “How To Keep Your Mind Happy.. Everyday” was posted on July 16, 2019.

In this video, Prajakta tells that she got the inspiration for this from the comments that see on her videos, where people ask her the reason for her bubbly nature or how she is upbeat all the time? Prajakta accepts that not all time she is bubbly but then there are certain things that she does, which have helped her in keeping her sanity. She shares 4 tips, that she thinks might help others as well, and the ones that have been practiced by her consciously.

Prajakta says that one must have a proper sleep cycle and should try to spend some time away from their phones. In that one hour, she suggests that one can do whatever they like, be it sleeping, reading, watching, etc.

Watch the video below to feel inspired or check it out on MostlySane on YouTube.


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