MostlySane: Prajakta Koli’s new YouTube video “Boys Will be Boys” is stereotypical in some ways

MostlySane’s Prajakta Koli is back with another video. The video “Boys Will Be Boys” was posted on July 11, 2019, and had 74k views in less than an hour. The video is, of course, funny and made with the intent of entertaining the viewers, but it somehow highlights stereotypes regarding a particular gender.

The title itself makes it clear, that there is probably some habit that Ayush isn’t ready to change. The video covers Prajakta’s and Ayush’s relation and how Ayush contacts her after a year of their breakup. Prajakta is seen to be boasting off in front of her friend that how Ayush is finally back in his senses just because he called her. They meet up and while Prajakta is expecting Ayush to ask her to be back together, Ayush wants his Xbox back. Of course, one may think that how Ayush is insensitive and cold that he doesn’t care of getting back and only his stuff, but the mere idea of forgiving someone and not getting back with them should be equally respected. If Ayush has something that he loves and is so fond of, he probably has the right to ask for it. It’s not like that a similar thing isn’t done from another person’s end.

Watch the video below or head over to MostlySane on Youtube.


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