MostlySane Prajakta Koli’s “Thoughts You Have On A Local Train” gathers all the love on YouTube; #5 on trending

MostlySane aka Prajakta Koli’s new video “Thoughts You Have On A Local Train” was released on July 25, 2019. The video has now 1.2M views and is #5 on the trending list on YouTube.

In this video, Prajakta Koli combines all the thoughts that we have ever had while traveling through public transport. Be it Local train of Mumbai, or Delhi’s Metro, some things just don’t change. The fact that a lot of people could relate to this video on a different level, is what made it so loved and valued. People peeking into your phones, someone sleeping on your shoulder, people not ready to adjust someone else on the seat, all of it and many more have happened with all of us and our reactions are just as same as Prajakta’s.

Read our previous post to find what we think of the video.

Watch the video below if you haven’t already or check it out on YouTube.


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