“MostlySane: Thoughts You Have On A Local Train” on YouTube is relatable on all levels

MostlySane aka Prajakta Koli has something new in store for you, however, she makes sure that you don’t lose the relatability factor. The video “Thoughts You Have On A Local Train” was posted on July 25, 2019, and is currently #23 on the trending list.

Even though the title makes it pretty clear, but you will be able to relate if you commute through any public transport in your city. There is literally a race going on between you and the trains/metro. You run like you have never in your life before, only to find out that you forgot the ticket, or to miss that particular train/metro because it is so darn overcrowded. People not adjusting other passengers and those standing are always on the lookout for the seats. Dozing off and missing your station is like mandatory, you ought to do it once in your life, otherwise, there is no point. Apart from dozing off, boarding the wrong train/ metro is another common sight to see. People peeking in your phones and leaning on your shoulders in their sleep is just icing on the cake.

Not once will you feel during the video that you haven’t experienced it or witnessed these scenes and your reactions must have been funny then and they will be now too.

Watch the video below or check it out on YouTube.


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