Naseeruddin Shah’s ‘Michael’ released directly on Netflix!


Naseeruddin Shah’s film ‘Michael’, can finally reach to the audiences. The film was produced by Anurag Kashyap and could not get a theatrical release in India as did not have any buyers. However, the Ribhu Dasgupta-directed project has released on video-streaming platform, Netflix.

Ribhu, who directed the Amitabh Bachchan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Vidya Balan-starrer Te3N last year, tells, “Michael was my directorial debut, so it’s special. Despite doing the festival rounds and receiving rave reviews, it did not get a theatrical release. I am glad that the production studio Viacom has put it out on Netflix. Finally, people can see it.”

Naseer, who plays a dark and grungy role in the movie, had great hopes pinned on it.  The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, travelled to the Shanghai Film Festival, and even received honor from Venice Film Festival director Marco Mueller.

‘Michael’ is a psychological thriller film which is a story of police inspector named Michael who, under political pressure, fires a single shot which accidentally kills a 12-year boy. Michael is diagnosed with “progressive myopia” and subsequently fired from his position without severance or pension benefits. He begins receiving angry phone calls from the father of the dead boy who threatens Michael to kill his 8-year-old son Roy on his 12th birthday.

Would he be able to save his son from dying or is there any other suspense behind constant calls of dead boy’s father. Well, we need not go to theaters to know !