Nawazuddin Siddiqui pens a note on Instagram, shares his early failed attempt at meeting Sudhir Mishra

Every actor wishes to work with an esteemed director. In Bollywood, Sudhir Mishra is a known name. Actors want to work with him, because of his unique perspective and vision. Today, Nawazuddin Siddiqui is one of India’s finest actors but there was a time when he had difficulty meeting Sudhir Mishra. It was during his struggling days.

Nawaz who is set to appear in Sudhir Mishra’s next film, Serious Men, reminisced the days when he failed in meeting Sudhir. The actor shared the anecdote via a note on Instagram. He had attempted to meet Sudhir on the latter’s film set of Calcutta Rain (2003).

The following note was posted by Nawaz :

While it was a time when he was unable to meet Sudhir, today Nawaz has the pride of working with him. Netflix’s upcoming film Serious Men based on Manu Joseph’s book of the same name stars him in lead. The film tells the story about an insecure slum-dweller, who tries to cash on his son’s newfound fame as a genius to improve his financial condition.

Dreams definitely do come true. If Nawaz’s story is anything to go by, one can learn the power of persistence and chasing one’s dream. His story is a testament that one day you can meet and in fact work with your own idols.

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