“Nayi Kirayedaar | Haryanvi Husband Punjabi Wife – Episode 09” by LShokeen Films on Youtube is funny AF

LShokeen Films is out with yet another hilarious video. The video, “Nayi Kirayedaar| Haryanvi Husband Punjabi Wife –Episode 09” was released on June 25, 2019. The video has 34k views in less than half an hour.

The video is literally the story of every married couple. The husband doesn’t want to help and all the work is to be done by the wife. The events take a turn when a new tenant comes to see the house. While in the beginning, Lalit is against the idea of having a tenant, his demeanor changes once the tenant comes, first, because she is a woman and that to a foreigner. He gets on board with the idea of having a tenant, so much so that he shows the house himself to this woman and doesn’t inquire anything about her.

Even though Lalit’s wife is skeptical, she tries to remain cautious. She also is amused how Lalit asks to help their tenant and has never asked to help his wife. It is only a couple of days later they realize they should have been cautious in the beginning. Their tenant takes away their stuff and leaves.

Watch the video below or head over to LShokeen Films youtube channel.


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