Neelima Azeem to make a comeback with web series ‘Mom & Co.’


Actor Neelima Azeem will make a comeback with a web series called ‘Mom & Co.’ and says the show gives her a chance to perform.

Neelima will essay the role of Suhasini Rao who is a single mother and homemaker. The show highlights the mom-son relationship, “I was looking for a central role, good content and for something where I get to play a sensitive role and a role where there is a scope to perform. I loved the content and the people involved in it,” Neelima told IANS

“I felt like I haven’t played a role like this before—that of this very simple Marathi woman, Suhasini Rao, a homemaker, and single mother. I liked the team also, they are very young, talented and enthusiastic. I like the feel of it. It is very youthful and the writing was very nice, in point with the time,” Neelima added.

Neelima Azeem made her showbiz debut with ‘Phir Wahi Talash’ in 1989. She was also seen in 2018 film ‘Blackmail‘. The actor considers her comeback with the upcoming web series ‘Mon & Co’ which is a fourth original series from the Zoom Studios.

Talking about the same, she said, “‘Blackmail’ was a guest appearance and not a comeback role. They were friends of mine and I also knew that the script was interesting and I was reluctant to do the role. Whereas this is a title role where I have a full-fledged role to play and that is why it is correct also, Mom & Co. is my comeback.”


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