Neha Bhasin : I’m always up for a challenge!

I'm always up for a challenge: Neha Bhasin!

Indian singer Neha Bhasin says that she is always up for the challenges. Recently she released her new album with a title ‘Belihazaiya’. That single has been shot under the water and she feels that it was tricky, but she did not mind as she loves challenges.

Her new single ‘Belihaziya’ was a complete contemporary Punjabi original track and this has come after Neha Bhasin’s last single ‘Chan Mahi’. Her new single ‘Belihaziya’ is a complete colourful video and has an imagery shot in the Coorg Jungles. The song is about expressing the angst of a broken heart. It has been composed by Sameer Uddin and lyricist in the song was given by Anvita Dutt.

About her new single, Neha said that ‘Belihaziya’ is a dance ballad with the meaningful and the strong lyrics. Both the song, as well as the video, are works of a pure art. However, the video is the dream come true for most of the artists and she can not thank Coconut Film enough for that.

Moreover, she said that the song is Punjabi but the production of the song is very contemporary. The song is an electro-pop dance ballad and its first time for her as well. When she shot the underwater shoot it was raining heavily in the jungles of Coorg and the whole water was blurry. But, she is always up for the challenge and she is really happy now because the song has turned out to be so good. She says that this song is best song shoot experience so far in her singing career