Netflix India ranked on 6th position for the biggest digital database

Within a mere two years since its launch, Netflix, Inc.’s marketing team had succeeded in bringing the Indian library to the rank of the sixth-highest and the largest library in the Netflix database. With a total of 4706 films available in the huge database tutoring the country, Netflix has come a long way since being established in 1997 and releasing a decade later in India with less than 826 titles

The list consisting of 73 countries was led by Japan, which provided unrestricted access to 6032 movies and TV shows throughout the country, while Netflix Indonesia tagged at the last with only 1586 titles. After this week’s analysis, it became clear that Netflix India had dethroned Australia as the sixth-most extensive library, with a difference of one movie title. Fred Schebesta, the CEO of Finder India has commended Netflix for being able to rise to such a position in the competitive industry in India, and even though the amount of content between India and America differed immensely, Schebesta claimed that they had been doing their best in the country.

Locally, Netflix India had struck deals with Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment, and Anil Kapoor Film and Communication Network so as to avoid competition with the powerful Bollywood industry. India has also taken its interest of creating Netflix original content very seriously, as over 600 crore INR has been reportedly allocated for the mere process of creating original content per year. Earlier in 2018, India released Love Per Square Foot on the platform, which produced satisfactory results, and thus prompting Netflix India to produce other projects like the Sacred Games and release them on the online streaming platform as soon as possible.


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