Biopic of Nitin Gadkari titled ‘Gadkari’ to release on 5 march on YouTube


Film director Anurag Bhusari based in Nagpur has made a movie of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari titled Gadkari. The trailer of the movie was recently released on YouTube and Anurag says that it is not a propaganda film but chronicles facts.

“Lately, there have been a number of biopics (on politicians) where people said they were like propaganda. But what I can assure the audience is that I have only shown the facts,” Anurag told PTI.

“I have not tried to show ‘Look how Nitin Gadkari is a good person’ but I have shown his struggles. I have shown the facts and everything which has happened with him,” he added.

“We have covered his life, growing up years up until 2014, until he became a Union Minister, we have covered everything,” he said.

It took two months to complete the film after research of six months with a crew of nearly 20 people. Entire shooting of the film is done in Nagpur.

“It would have been easy to take a single producer, there were people who were ready to invest in the name of the protagonist but I thought it’ll be better if we make it as a crowd-funded film because then I have the liberty to make it my way.

“If I had taken a single producer, there would have been a political influence or I would have been asked to make changes in the script. So crowdfunding was difficult, but the right process.”

Anurag took permission from the Road and Transport Minister before going ahead with the project. He says, “We never asked him for permission but I had a conversation with his wife Kanchan Gadkari and we met his childhood friend. He might have been aware of the film but I never had a word with him.”

Rahul Chopda is playing the role of Nitin Gadkari and it will release on YouTube on March 5.


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