Non Hindi music which will melt your heart with its stories

A still from Soch video song

People say that “Music does not require any language” and I feel it is quite true as many times some songs really give us a feeling which we cannot name but we get stuck to it and that song just plays in our mind on a loop mode even if we don’t understand the meaning of its lyrics. And there are many regional video songs out there that portray stories which even many movies fail to do.

So, today we will be going through such video songs and will give you an insight from the stories they tried to convey. So, check it out:

Soch (By Hardy Sandhu)

A still from the song

With beautifully written lyrics and soulful music, Soch is a Punjabi music video which will explain the true meaning of Love. It conveys the love story of a couple that goes beyond the stereotypical society as a young woman marries a mentally challenged young man. And in this four-minute video song, we see different phases of their life post their marriage. The way she loves and takes care of her husband and at the end, she proves that love can be a cure to anything as we see her husband’s transformation and all the credit goes to his wife’s love and care for him. This video song will definitely leave you with teary eyes.

Jeev Rangala (By Ajay-Atul)

A still from the song

This Marathi video song is from the film Jogwa. The song ‘Jeev Rangala’ is the most mesmerizing one, the beautiful lyrics, and the tunes, the way it has been shot adds up to its an amazing portrayal of love. The song became a major hit because of its ultimate lyrics and music by Ajay-Atul. This awesome song is sung by the lady master of singing Shreya Ghoshal accompanied by Hariharan.

Okate Jananam (By Ilayaraja)

A still from Sivaputrudu

This Tamil song from the very hit Tamil film ‘Sivaputrudu’ conveys the story of a young boy whose mother dies while giving birth to him. The young boy is then raised by a grave man and through this video song, we are shown his journey from an unusual childhood to being a youth in the same condition which indirectly affects his psyche. This is a beautifully composed song that is really heartwarming.

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