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Numerous Stories behind preparation of Sadhya: “Sadhya” on The Timeliners YouTube

The Timeliners posted a new episode of The Royal Palate on their channel on June 13, 2019. In this episode Chef Kunal covers the royal legacy of Kerala. “Sadhya” is translated as “Coming together”. In this episode Chef Kunal discovers the various stories hidden behind Sadhya and while he is on this journey, he realizes that there are as many numbers of Sadhya as many there are occasions.

Sadhya is an offering made to God and is more like prasadam, hence it is vegetarian. Sadhya not only brings together the people and communities but it also brings together ingredients. The number of dishes in Sadhya varies from 26 to 56. The coconut is widely present in the making of Sadhya.

What is also important in Sadhya is the pickle. Everything is prepared fresh and so is the pickle. The pickle in Kerala is not prepared in the usual ways in which we see it at our homes. Chef Kunal also gets to know that jackfruit is the official fruit of Kerala and there is another type of Sadhya which is prepared solely from the jackfruit.

Chef Kunal Kapoor also gets to know that while preparing Sadhya, men who are cooking it aren’t allowed to talk, since they are cooking so many dishes, they need to have undivided attention towards the preparation of Sadhya.

Chef Kunal along with his friend Barkha Singh then visits the royal family of Kochi, where they are invited for lunch.

It is amazing to know how culturally diverse and rich our country is. This initiative by Behrouz Biryani and TVFPlay has surely made us more aware of the legacies of our country.

Watch the video below and be culturally enriched.

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