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Padmapriya Janakiraman : I’m a pan-Indian actress!

I'm a pan-Indian actress: Padmapriya!
Padmapriya says that she is a pan-Indian actress as she has worked in the movies like Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, and Hindi.

Actress Padmapriya Janakiraman says that she is a pan-Indian actress as she has worked in the movies like Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, and Hindi. Padmapriya made her Bollywood debut with the 2010 movie ‘Striker’ and now she has returned to Bollywood cinema after seven years with the Raja Krishna Menon’s Chef which got released last Friday. However, she does not call it as a comeback but she says that she wishes to be more regular in the Bollywood town now.

She says that she has not tried enough in the Bollywood. Actor Siddharth knows her because she did her first Bollywood movie along with the actor Siddharth. She doesn’t think that she has ever gone around looking for a work she was always busy working in the movies from the other side and she came into the industry by chance. Now, she wishes that she should do more Hindi movies. She has always been a pan-Indian actress with pan-Indian taste. She wants to leave a deep impact of her acting in people’s mind. She wants to be the Guru Dutt of the world.

She has already established herself in the southern film industry and on this, she says that she got into this by chance. With her cinema happened by accident. It was not her’s choice. She did her first movie Seenu Vasanthi Lakshmi and that becomes the biggest hit. Later, she was forced to do the second movie. She was in an alternate career and she says that she does not want to do the movies because she did not believe in cinema.

When the third and fourth movie happened to her then she started getting offers for an amazing script and she could not say no at that time. Then she had to leave her job and she started acting full time. She feels it was a great time for the actors and she sees that there a lot of good films being made in Hindi. She was used to do modeling part-time and from there she was being offered the first movie and it almost took two years back from the movie to pursue her career. She completed her graduation in public administration and even today she works in the development sector. She used to dance when she was just 3 years old and she started doing theaters when she was 14 and she used to do it just for a fun as she loves being on the stage and later many movies came her way by accident.

She thinks that she is suitable for every role and for that she wants to thank her background. She does not have any particular identity where she can hold on to. Her father was an army officer so she got a chance to travel to a lot of places along with her father. She is a south Indian and whenever she goes to any place she often gets a blend of their culture. That is the reason she looks like a Punjabi, Marathi or moreover, she said that she can play Bengali actress as well as it is very easy for her to adapt.

She said that she has enjoyed working along with the actor Saif Ali Khan and the director Raja Krishna Menon in her recently released movie ‘Chef’, which is an Indian remake of a 2014 Hollywood movie with of the same name and was directed by the Jon Favreau. She says that they both are a very sorted and she has just loved the way Raja visualizes her female character and that is something which she has never witness down in the south. She has even seen Saif evolving as an actor since the time she was in the evidence she was literally a kid when she was signed up for the project. She did not know that for long Saif will going to be a star in it and it was like a double bonanza to work along with the people whom she likes the most.

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