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‘Pavsacha Nibandh’ an Indian Film which portrayed Class Divide through Rains

A still from Pavsacha Nibandh

‘Different lives in a city,’ was the main theme which led the Oscar-winning film Parasite and was admired for various symbolisms it created through the art of Films. And the strongest comparison was the completely different lives two families lead and this is perfectly explained in an event where heavy rains hit the city, the rain which is treated as a blessing by the privileged class turns out to be suffering for the homes of poor class families.

And this theme was explored even before the film Parasite, in a Marathi short film directed by Nagraj Manjule titled ‘Pavsacha Nibandh’ where the story overturns the romantic nature of rains into social inequity. It is the story of a schoolboy who’s given an assignment of writing an essay on the rainy season. And as he returns home, we see a sight of struggles an economically backward family experiences in this breezing season.

A still from Pavsacha Nibandh

How the rains which are considered to be a beautiful element of nature can turn out to be a curse as it disrupts the rhythmic life of a poor family. The film never aims at shouting out its social message but it gently portrays a reality which we are already aware of but we try to ignore it. The film also shows various other households of the village where other kids from the school are busy enjoying rains and putting out their thoughts on the same. On the other side, our protagonist is dealing with its curse.

Shot beautifully, this film is definitely a must-watch. Available on Zee5.

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