Priyanka Chopra turns to Twitter; Denies allegations of being disloyal to India

Priyanka Chopra’s American television series Quantico was subjected to a lot of backlashes ever since its episode portraying Indian nationalists in a terrorist plot against Pakistan was aired on the 1st of June. The episode in question showed Priyanka’s character Alex Parrish fulfilling her duty as an FBI agent by foiling a terrorist attack by Hindu nationalists by using a piece of rosary beads as an evidence against the crime. Most of the Indian journalists and film critics took to Twitter to express their views regarding this scene as what they saw as Priyanka’s blatant disregard and disrespect towards her Indian heritage.

Even though Quantico production company ABC released an official apology to the Indians early during the matter in an attempt to suppress the rising revolution against both Priyanka and their TV show, the sensitive Hindus who had taken the disrespect at heart were not quelled. As old topics were held against her again, and people began to doubt where Priyanka’s national loyalties lay, Priyanka decided to release her own personal apology in an attempt to clear out the matters via uploading a Twitter post on the 10th of June.

In the Twitter post in question, Priyanka announced that she was extremely saddened to have unintentionally hurt the feelings of some of her own citizens by acting her assigned role in the latest episode of her TV series. Once and for all, Priyanka confirmed that she was extremely sorry for hurting their sentiments and that she would always be a proud Indian, and that fact would never change even with the amount of time she spends outside of the county.


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