Rajinikanth to launch his Television channel, 3 names under consideration

Rajinikanth announced his plans of entering politics in December last year. To strengthen his political footprints in Tamil Nadu, he is all set to launch his TV channels soon. Registration request has been submitted for the trademark in the under consideration name of ‘Superstar TV’, ‘Rajini TV’ and ‘Thalaivar TV’, all attributing to Rajinikanth.

VM Sudhakaran, convenor of Rajinikanth-led Rajini Makkal Mandram party, has started the process of registration of the trademarks. Sudhakaran submitted an application for the trademark to the commerce ministry on November 9.

In Tamil Nadu, almost every political party, except the Left, has its own TV channel.

Superstar, in a written application, has asked the Registrar of Trademarks, to secure the trademarks of all the considering names. The letter reads, “I, R Rajinikanth have no objection to use my name, photo on the logo and label. I request the registrar to process the application to the next level.”

Riaz, Rajinikanth’s PR manager, said, “We have just initiated the process to get the names registered with the Registrar of Trademarks. We are all set to launch the channel.”

“The need for a TV channel was felt since every other party in Tamil Nadu has its own mouthpiece. And for a new party to be launched, it was considered essential. Moreover, superstar (Rajinikanth) himself is a brand,” told an insider.


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