Rakesh Roshan talks about his 50 years in Bollywood!

rakesh roshan
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Rakesh Roshan completes half a century in Indian cinema today and Hrithik tweeted the most emotional tweet to wish him. He said,” Celebrating 50yrs of dads journey in cinema. But he’s in the office working 2wards 100. Thanks, dad,4setting d impossible example 4us. #weluvyoupapa”. We think that’s incredibly sweet of him to tweet this message. He even posted a picture of the two along with the tweet.

Rakesh Roshan has given Indian cinema one of the best films. On completing 50 years in film industry, he says in an interview, “When I realised my films as an actor weren’t working, I knew it’s time to move over to the other side. I started off as a producer and went on to direct films. There has been no looking back ever since.” 

Roshan is, nowadays, scripting the fourth part of his hit superhero franchise, Krrish, he promises that this one will up the tech game in India. He says, “In terms of technology, we will make sure Krrish 4 is a breakthrough sci-fi film. Once we have a story in place, we will reach out to the best stunt directors and VFX teams to make it a world-class film.”

The director says that making an action movie for the Indian audience demands a greater focus on emotions. It cannot ride on technology only. “It’s not like a Hollywood superhero film which wows with technology alone. Krrish is a mystical, magical figure, whose power people should believe in. I am looking for the emotional hook to pivot the narrative. People are always in such a hurry to make their films. What’s the rush?”

Roshan wants the content of Krrish 4 to be the distinguishing factor from that of superhero films being made in the West. “Superhero films are more about passion than action. Superman, Batman, Spider-Man are my favourites. I learn and pick up a lot of Krrish’s philosophies from them. Stunts are added props; the content needs to be rich with heightened emotions. I have to make Krrish a winner’s tale with an apt story about good and evil.”